Backyard Murals

residential Murals

Enchanting, larger-than-life artworks

The Vitale Bros are masters at capturing the essence of outdoor splendor, inviting nature’s tranquility into your home. These murals not only enhance the beauty of your space but also create a sanctuary for relaxation and inspiration, turning your backyard into the ultimate retreat.


Imagine sipping your morning coffee surrounded by the lush greenery and vibrant wildlife of a tropical paradise, or enjoying a poolside afternoon against the backdrop of an underwater seascape teeming with color and life.

Each mural is a window into a world of your choosing—be it a serene beach with swaying palms, a whimsical garden with fluttering butterflies, or a tranquil pond with friendly frogs.

In the News

View the new mural from the back of 2214 2nd Ave. N. Photo by Kristina Holman

Green Bench Monthly Feature

“Vitale Bros. Painting Pinellas County’s First Large-Scale Residential Mural”

By Suzanne Driscoll

-September 13, 2021

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