Shiso Crispy

Commercial Murals

Shiso Crispy: A Fusion of Flavor and Art

Discover Shiso Crispy, where delectable Asian-inspired dishes meet stunning mural art by the Vitale Brothers. Located at Booker Creek Oasis, Shiso Crispy offers a unique dining experience that delights both the palate and the eyes.

Eye-Catching Murals

Shiso Crispy is known for its innovative fusion cuisine, blending traditional Asian flavors with a modern twist.

The vibrant murals adorning Shiso Crispy’s food truck and storefront are a feast for the eyes. The artwork features striking imagery of tigers and geishas, combined with bold patterns and vivid colors. These murals not only enhance the aesthetic of Shiso Crispy but also create an inviting atmosphere for customers.

Photo Credit: Shiso Crispy

In the News

Photo Credit: St. Petersburg Foodies

St. Petersburg Foodies Review

“Shiso Crispy Fans Celebrate as the First St. Pete Storefront Opens”

By Kevin Godbee

– May 8, 2024

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